Buying Multi Fuel Stoves in Chorley

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Buying Multi Fuel Stoves in Chorley

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Multi Fuel Stoves in ChorleyThe popularity of multi fuel stoves in Chorley is on the rise. It isn’t difficult to believe that these stoves have been keeping households in Ireland and Europe warm and snug since the 19th century. Isn’t it time you investigated the benefits of a multi fuel stove for yourself?

In Chorley, multi fuel stoves are used for cooking, heating or both. Your stove may also double as a boiler and when you connect it to a radiator system, you will be able to increase space heating in the home. This is why it has increased in popularity. In the past, fuel for heating was a problem: peat was used but is now scarce in some locations, and coal creates a dense smog. By replacing the original fuels sources with oil and electricity during the 20th century, the problem was solved. Now, you are also able to use liquid fuel such as white gas, kerosene or even petrol. This will all depend the model of the stove. These days, there are several stove designs each of which operates slightly differently.

If you are looking to purchase multi fuel stoves in Chorley, look towards the experts in the field. Leyland Fireplace Centre has been in the fireplace industry for over 40 years and can be found in the North West area. As a family business, we know that safety comes first and with our highly trained and professional staff, you are sure to get your money’s worth. All our fireplaces are checked and surveyed before installation. Contact us today or visit our showroom to see what we have to offer. Find out more on our website.