Choosing Wood Burning Stoves in Euxton

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Choosing Wood Burning Stoves in Euxton

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Choosing Wood Burning Stoves in EuxtonIf you are thinking about purchasing wood burning stoves in Euxton, you should consider tips offered by one of the experts on this subject, Leyland Fireplaces. They are a long-established company in the North West locality, with over 40 years of experience. They provide old-fashioned customer services that you will likely not see today. Their showroom displays fireplaces and stoves built by leading manufacturers. This will help you get an idea of what’s out there and more importantly, you can get all your burning questions answered! Unlike other fireplace suppliers, Leyland Fireplaces has an involvement in the manufacturing process. This is what makes them different from their competitors. You can have a custom designed fireplace built just for you! Apart from altering the size of a fireplace, they also have a vast array of materials from which they can build your dream fireplace. All the fitters and craftsmen employed by Leyland Fireplaces are Gas Safe Registered and Hetas Approved, ensuring that the fitting is carried out to a very high standard.

In Euxton, wood burning stoves are an excellent investment. These experts recommend that you ask yourself certain key questions while deciding upon a wood burning stove. Firstly, are you planning to heat up one particular room or the entire house? Stoves usually heat up one room but if you attach them to the central heating you can heat up your entire home. Secondly, do you reside in a smoke controlled neighbourhood? Many cities and towns are controlled for smoke. This means you need to purchase a DEFRA exempt stove or burn smokeless fuels such as anthracite. Thirdly, ask yourself how often are you likely to light a fire and clean the ash? Stoves require time to light and also need cleaning out before starting a fire. You can also opt for automatic light up or pellet stoves, but these alternatives are much more expensive. Next, consider how much storage space you have to store the fuel. If you plan to burn logs, you require lots of space. This amount will depend upon the number of people residing in your home and the frequency of use.

Wood burning stoves in Euxton are affordable at Leyland Fireplaces. If you would like to know more about wood burning stoves, contact Leyland Fireplaces.