Enquiry About Gas Fireplaces In Southport

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Enquiry About Gas Fireplaces In Southport

Posted on June 15,2014 by 2mags

fireplaces in SouthportWe recently received an enquiry about installing flueless gas fireplaces in Southport. These beautiful and unique installations are an ideal solutions for homes and offices that don’t have the option of a chimney. Besides the remarkable bonus that they are also rated at 100% efficiency, they can also be positioned in an incredible array of locales within the homes. Gone are the days of huddling around the old gas heater and reminiscing about the homes of your childhood that had huge fireplaces, big enough for an entire oak tree. Now you can have your own splendid and stylish gas fire wherever your heart desires.

In Southport fireplaces can be viewed either on our website or down at our showroom, where you can treat yourself to a journey through some of the highest quality fireplaces available from all the leading manufacturers today. You’ll wish we sold armchairs too, for all you’ll want to do is plop yourself down in front of them, flip off your shoes and sip a cup of tea. The exquisite designs on offer just shimmer with images of comfort and long, laughter-filled evenings, or quieter ones with a book and the cat on your lap. With over 4 decades of experience behind us, we offer you that family touch, the kind of genial, old-fashioned service that fits in well with the memories of your childhood hearth. It’ll put a smile on your face as you recall the way things should be done.

Our service matches the quality of our fireplaces in Southport: highly professional and well recommended. In fact, most of our business comes from the endorsement of others. When it comes to installing the piece you finally settle on, our highly trained craftsmen from our very own in-house team will use all of their skills and abilities to ensure that the workmanship is top drawer. You’ll wonder why you didn’t visit Leyland Fireplace Centre many winters ago. Cast that old heater aside and cozy up one of our fireplaces. Give us a call now and allow us to provide you with the warmth you deserve. Call 01772 457484