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Fire Places in Chorley

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fire place 2For fire places, Chorley residents who are currently seeking installations should call Leyland Fireplace Centre. A fire place has a character of its own. In the older days, it depicted a form of art and a source of pride for the house owner. Much has changed since then, but the fire place still holds the charm of being that one thing in a room that truly stands out, and represents both comfort and style. The benefits of having a functional fire place can’t be denied, for a cosy fire at the end of the day can truly make the house inviting to all who visit. At Leyland Fireplace Centre, we cater to all sorts of needs, be it a traditional English style fire place, a contemporary design or higher efficiency designs that save power, there’s something for everyone in our showroom. We recently completed an installation of a fire place at a house in Chorley. Our professionally trained experts ensured a fitting that is of the highest standard and follows all safety regulations. The project was completed in two days following the exact requirement of the clients. For folks in Chorley, fire places are not limited inside the house; many opt for garden fires for a warm night out with friends and family. Leyland Fireplace Centre stocks a distinctive range of designer garden fires for people who love lazing outside. With over 40 year of experience in the fireplace industry, we know the appeal of a unique fire place. This is why we offer to create custom made fire places that would say a lot about who you are rather than a generic version that can be found in any other showroom. Call us for fire places in Chorley, Leyland and adjacent areas!

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