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Fire Surrounds in Chorley

Posted on April 17,2015 by 2mags

Fire Surrounds in ChorleyWant to give your living room a makeover and looking for fire surrounds in Chorley? One thing’s certain – you certainly won’t lack choice! There are plenty of reputed, well established firms offering a variety of surrounds ranging from sleek contemporary to classical Victorian designs, quirky modern aesthetics to gracious artistic, and much more. In general, materials used are stone, metal, plaster and wood. Stone surrounds are available in limestone, local Lancashire stone, granite, marble, rugged chunks of rock or pebbles. Steel and ceramic in contemporary designs give a streamlined, futuristic look. Wood may include anything from maple, pine, mahogany, cherry, teak or oak. Plaster fire surrounds are another option and they are very attractive, especially when they’re intricately carved. Whatever the material, remember that it needs to be in sync with the theme of your room and co-ordinate with the rest of the furnishings, furniture, artifacts etc. A good idea would be to keep the design more or less neutral so you won’t have to worry when you decide to redecorate at a later date.

In Chorley, fire surrounds add a look of distinction to your hearth. Building supplies firms offer ready-made pieces which can be fitted round your fireplace, or you can build a new surround from floor up. However, in either case, it’s best to leave the job to trained professionals. They can provide the best advice on safety, suitability and functionality of your fire surround. Another important factor is maintenance. Stone fire surrounds have a tendency to collect dust, though they give a warm and cozy look to the room. Grease and dust may collect in the cracks, especially if it’s a composite design, with the added hazard of loosening of the blocks. Wood can lend a welcoming charm to your room. It is also quite a sturdy and long-lasting material

Fire surrounds in Chorley are available from well-established, reputable firms like Leyland Fireplace Center. They also have in-house design and installation services and offer fantastic deals like a £50 trade-in for your old fire surround whatever its condition. Give your room a face-lift and contact Leyland Fireplace Centre.