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Fireplaces in Eccleston

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Fireplaces in EcclestonFireplaces in Eccleston are one of the most homely and comforting items in your house.  The flickering of the flames is hypnotic and the warmth makes you feel good to be alive. Our fireplaces are not only designed for the sitting room but can be installed in any room in your home. A fireplace in the bedroom not only warms the room but softens the lighting and comforts with the crackling of the logs.  We not only supply wood fireplaces but also more modern gas and electric models.  These are much cleaner than wood burning fires and keep the rooms warmer. They are also more practical as you never need to hunt for logs to burn.  The surrounds and various designs of the fireplace are truly enormous.  We can supply and fit everything from hole in the wall fireplaces which are modern and very trendsetting to more traditional fireplaces surrounded by marble and cast iron.

When you need a lovely snug room in Eccleston, fireplaces will add warmth and character to your home. Many homes do not have chimneys, and many assume that a fireplace is out of the question.  We have the perfect answer, a flueless fireplace.  These gas powered fireplaces need no vent or chimney as the gas formed by the fire passes through a catalytic converter which renders the gas harmless. The added benefit of a flueless fireplace is that all the heat produced is directed into the room and not up the chimney.  These fireplaces can be placed into a traditional fireplace surround so that it looks like a real fire or it can be a free standing unit or built into the wall. A fireplace can change the whole ambience of your home.

Fireplaces in Eccleston are cheerful and welcoming and all homes should have at least one.  Contact Leyland Fireplaces today or visit our showroom and pick out your favourite design.  Our very experienced gas engineers will safely install your new fireplace and our building team will neatly and efficiently fit the surround.