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A gas fire adds warmth and character to every room there installed in from traditional to contemporary designs Leyland Fireplace Centre is committed in finding the correct one for you.

We have a large selection of gas fires in our showroom to suite everyone’s needs bet it a Class 1 or Class 2 fire, basket fires or flueless fires. Even if you do not have a chimney, we can install a balanced flue gas fire, flueless gas fire or fan flued gas fire.

    Balanced Flue Fires

    A balanced flue is a glass fronted gas appliance, which is completely sealed from the room into which they are installed and vents directly to an outside wall. Air is drawn in from the outside for combustion purposes increasing its efficiency through an outer pipe whilst the inner pipe vents the combustion gases safely away to the outside of the property.

    There is no electric supply required; hence no sound or natural air circulation is experienced as with a power flue appliance. There is also a choice of either outset or inset versions available.

    Leyland Fireplaces have a wide selection of Balance Flue Fires why not contact us today or view our showroom to discover more.

    Electric Fires

    Leyland Fireplace supplies a wide range of Electric Fires, Hang on the Wall Electric Fires and Hole in the Wall Electric Fire.

    We have a wide selection of various sizes and finishes available to accommodate every style and home.

    For further assistance please call, email or visit our showroom.

    Flueless Fires

    If you’re looking for a gas fire, but don’t want to the hassle of installing a chimney into your home, then flueless is the way to go. We offer a wide selection of flueless fires, ranging from contemporary to traditional designs to suit any home.

    Our freestanding and wall mounted flueless gas fires are all made from the finest quality materials, so you can rest assured that the new addition to your home will last for years to come.

    Here at Leyland Fireplaces, fires are our passion. So we’d be delighted to chat if you’re considering adding one of our flueless fires to your home. Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

    Gas Fires

    Leyland Fireplaces supplies a wide range of Gas Fires, Inset Gas Fires, Balanced Flued Gas Fires, Fan Flued Gas Fires, Outset Gas Fires, Hang on the Wall Gas Fires and Hole in the Wall Gas Fires.

    A selection of Inset Living Flame Gas Fires available from Leyland Fireplace Centre, ranging from 16″-22″. Also Power/Balanced Flue versions available for homes without chimneys.

    A selection of hole in the wall Gas Fires available from Leyland Fireplace Centre. The perfect idea for a “spacing saving” fireplace.

    Hole In The Wall Fires

    Leyland Fireplaces supplies a wide range of Hole-in-the-wall Gas Fires. With stylish seamless designs, at Leyland Fireplaces we have fires to cater to all budgets.

    Hole in the wall gas fires not only warm your home, they also add style and character to any room. A hole in the wall fire is installed up to the wall, providing any room with maximum designer style while effectively utilising space available in any room size.

    With an extensive selection of wall hung gas fires to choose from, here at Leyland Fireplaces we offer a range of designs to suit the décor of any home. Find your dream hole in the wall fire by browsing contemporary and traditional designs.

    Outset Fires

    Leyland Fireplaces supplies a wide range of Outset Gas Fires.

    Traditional outset gas fires have beautiful flame pictures, offer fantastic heat control and stand proud in to the room, allowing a more effective use of heat.

    A quality selection of Traditional outset gas fires, Modern outset gas fires, Contemporary outset gas fires designed for a variety of homes to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether it’s a radiant effect or living flame effect your after look no further than our extensive range of free standing gas fires below.