Gas Fire Installation in Chorley

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Gas Fire Installation in Chorley

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gas fire installation in ChorleyIf you are looking for a gas fire installation in Chorley, Leyland Fireplaces has it all. We carry top brand inserts and a huge selection of surrounds for every decor and taste. Our sales staff will never pressure you but with their complete knowledge of our products, they will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Once you make your decision, Leyland Fireplaces will send in our top-notch installation team to see the job through to your complete satisfaction. We have been practicing for over 40 years to make your dream of a gas fireplace safely installed in your own home a reality. At Leyland Fireplaces we offer Living Flame Gas Fires in sizes from 16 inches to 22 inches.

If your home has no chimneys, we have power balanced flue versions. It’s a good idea to have one of our surveyors come to your home in Chorley. Gas fire installation locations are best decided on site. We need to be prepared by making sure your chosen position will accommodate your gas fire. If there are no obstacles, then you can proceed with choosing your gas fire. If you want help to select the best location for your installation, we can tell you wherein your home and why. You can trust our expert installers. They are all Gas Safe registered and highly experienced in the areas of safe and flawless installation.

Once you have chosen where you want your gas fire installation in Chorley you are ready to shop for your unit and surround. Call Leyland fireplaces, or stop by our huge showroom. Let us show you all the options in gas fires from which to choose that will fit your space and your decor. Your gas fire will be a beautiful and comforting addition to your home giving you many hours of enjoyment. Our prices are fair but adding a gas fire to your home is an excellent investment that will give you pleasure now and financial benefits later. We are a hands on company and each customer’s gas fire purchase and installation is handled from within our own company. In this way we are able to assure your experience is good from beginning to end.