Gas Fire Installation in Wigan

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Gas Fire Installation in Wigan

Posted on November 30,2015 by 2mags

Gas Fire Installation in WiganGas fire installation in Wigan brings hope to those homeowners who thought that without a fireplace they couldn’t benefit from the cosy atmosphere that fireplaces provide. Not only that, some people don’t enjoy cleaning up after a wood-burning fire, and with busy lifestyles and little time for cleaning up, gas fires have become increasingly popular. If you have your doubts about gas fires, why not visit Leyland Fireplace Centre’s showroom and take a look at some of the live displays – they’ll give you a warm and inviting welcome!

In Wigan, gas fires need professionals for safe and thorough installations. Leyland Fireplace Centre have more than 40 years of experience in the fireplace industry, and as a family business, you still enjoy the old fashioned customer services you get from them. As a leading fireplace company in the North West area, you’ll find that their showroom has a display of gas fires from all the top manufacturers. The beauty about Leyland Fireplace Centre is that they have a hand in the manufacture so that all their customers get something truly unique. They can also alter sizes and have a huge selection of attractive materials to suit the fireplaces you want. Their Inset Gas Fires range from 16-22″ and there is also their high efficiency gas fire range. All their fireplaces are surveyed thoroughly before installation to achieve a professional service.

When it comes to gas fire installation in Wigan, only gas safe registered and Hetas approved engineers who are highly trained are permitted to install your gas fire. The Leyland Fireplace team are very experienced and they conform to all those requirements as set out in the manufacturers’ installation manual. Their mission is to ensure that your gas fire is installed in such a way that it meets all current regulations¬†and provide you with a warm, inviting gas fire to warm your home. For more information about safe gas fire installation, contact Leyland Fireplace Centre.