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Gas Fires in Parbold

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Gas Fires in Parbold

Gas Fires in ParboldBring warmth, cosiness and charm to your interiors with stylish gas fires in Parbold from Leyland Fireplaces. They’re a popular and smart choice today, when health and environment are the prime focus. Wood-burning fireplaces with all the hassle of storing wood, dealing with smoke, bags of pellets, soot and ash and risking health and safety are a thing of the past. Nearly 70% of all hearth products in the UK burn gas today. Gas fires of an earlier era were not very attractive and they looked obviously fake. Today, with the advantages of modern design and technology, they look very much more realistic, with authentic looking “flames and embers” and ceramic “logs”! These fires use natural gas or liquid propane. Customers have much more control over the light and heat provided, with a variety of remote controls, switches, and thermostats. Our range of luxury gas fireplaces are available in a wide variety of styles to suit your interiors, taste and preferences. You can choose from our traditional, classical or contemporary styling options.

For homes in Parbold, gas fires provide the ultimate convenience. They ensure clean air, no toxic fumes or dangerous allergens to harm children, pets and senior citizens. You can enjoy the charm of real flames without the nuisance of a solid fuel fireplace. Gas inserts are available as vented or non-vented units. Most customers prefer direct vent units because they draw outside air and exhaust combustion gases and water-vapour by burning gas. Hence they’re much safer than non-vented units. These are much more energy-efficient but exhaust fumes could accumulate inside the room. Hence an oxygen-depletion sensor is an essential attachment in these units.

If you live in a forested area, it makes sense to have an old-fashioned wood fire. However, gas fires in Parbold are great for people living in urban and suburban locations. Natural gas is relatively cheap and a lot safer than traditional wood burning units. Gas units are low maintenance. Contact Leyland Fireplaces if you want more information about our gas fires.  Our experienced design and installation team can give you the right advice and assistance after conducting a thorough survey of your home or workplace.

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