Glass Fronted Gas Fires in Croston

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Glass Fronted Gas Fires in Croston

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Glass Fronted Gas Fires in CrostonGlass fronted gas fires in Croston can make a huge difference to a home.  Not only will it warm the home but it provides a wonderful ambiance and charm. Your home will feel more like a home with a fire. Even on a cool summer evening, a fire is a relaxing and soothing addition to any home. We have a number of different designs and styles to suit any home. We have the wonderful traditional cast iron glass fronted gas fire and a shiny steel contemporary fire suitable for a modern apartment or house.

What could be better on a cool evening or a cold day than a wonderful warming fire? In Croston, glass fronted gas fires are the most economical way of heating your rooms. Many newer homes have no chimney and this can lead one to think that a fire is out of the question but we can install a flue which allows the exhaust gas to exit the home.  It also allows for air from outside providing oxygen for the gas to burn correctly.  As the fire heats up the firebox it begins to radiate heat through the porous glass front into the room. This heats the air in the room and makes it warm and cosy.  Our glass fronted gas fires can be decorated with logs or stones and will look just like a normal wood fire but without the mess of burnt ash and smelly wood smoke.

Glass fronted gas fires in Croston will increase the value of your home. They are less messy than wood and the gas is easy to obtain.  These fire places operate at about 85% efficiency whereas a traditional fireplace only operates at about 15% efficiency.  This is mainly because most of the heat travels up the chimney and very little of it radiates into the room. Why not change the look of your home? Contact Leyland Fireplaces today for more information about our range of glass fronted gas fires. We will be happy to fit your home with the most beautiful and efficient glass fronted gas fire.