Glass Fronted Gas Fires in Fulwood

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Glass Fronted Gas Fires in Fulwood

Posted on February 15,2017 by 2mags

Glass fronted gas fires in FulwoodGlass fronted gas fires in Fulwood are sealed units, rather than open fires. Being sealed from the room, there is no need for replacement air or loss of heat through the fire. Air is added to the fire directly into the chamber from outside. Air is pulled in over a heat exchanger then circulated through the room with a fan or duct system. This helps keep a more constant temperature throughout the room. This allows the fires to run much more efficiently. Open fronted gas fires put out about 2.3kw while a glass front gas fire puts out 6.97 kw. The glass fronted version gives a 300 percent increase in output and is more gas efficient.

When considering the installation of a new gas fireplace, energy costs should be considered. In Fulwood, gas fronted gas fires can be found at Leyland Fireplaces. We have been in business for over 40 years, and are a leader in the industry in the North West area. Our staff that can answer any question you may have and help you decide on the best unit for your home. Our showroom highlights fires from all the leading manufacturers. You can see exactly how each one looks and feels. We are able to alter sizes to fit your needs. The materials used are of the highest quality. All our installers are Gas Safe Registered, so you can be assured the job work will be done correctly.

Gas fronted fires in Fulwood will give your home an added look of luxury, and help you save on energy costs. Contact Leyland Fireplaces if you are interested in looking at glass fronted fireplaces in a range of styles. Please stop by the showroom and look around. You will be pleased with our quality products and excellent service.