Glass Fronted Gas Fires in Samlesbury

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Glass Fronted Gas Fires in Samlesbury

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Glass Fronted Gas Fires in SamlesburyGlass fronted gas fires in Samlesbury not only look attractive and modern, they also provide safety, functionality and energy-efficiency. Their visual appeal makes them a popular choice for homes and offices. At Leyland Fireplaces, we offer a superb selection of glass fronted gas fires that blend seamlessly into any interior design plan – whether it’s minimalistic décor or sleek, modern contemporary that you prefer. Today, companies like ours use ultra-modern materials like safety glass that can withstand sustained high temperatures and they help to conduct the radiant heat produced by the realistic looking fire-beds in your fireplace. The non-reflective glass that we use ensures that you get an uninterrupted view when you gather round your lovely glowing fireplace on a cold wintery evening.

Glass is used not just for its great good looks. In Salmesbury, glass fronted gas fires save you a tidy sum in energy bills. This is because the glass front seals the fire into a self-contained unit in which air flow is restricted to the flue, chimney or fire-chamber. Hence, you get a generous, spectacular flame, with good heating and energy ratings. Open gas fires are comparatively less efficient because they draw air from the room itself. They’re also less safe than glass fronted fires, because there are chances of contact with flammable objects like curtains and carpets. Harmful emissions if any would be sucked into the flue or chimney in the case of glass fronted fires, because they are sealed units.

Today modern environmentally conscious governments have slowly begun enforcing certain rules regarding fires and glass fronted gas fires in Salmesbury help to meet your home’s energy efficiency criteria. You could risk losing your property’s energy certificate with open fires, hence most architects and interior designers predict that glass fronted gas fires would shortly replace traditional or open fires in the near future. Contact Leyland Fireplaces today for more information about glass fronted gas fires. We help to design the right type of fireplace to suit your existing format. If you’re worried about installing glass fronts to your existing gas fire, talk to us – our highly trained, Gas Safe registered craftsmen ensure that your fire is fitted correctly and safely.