High Efficiency Gas Fires in Buckshaw Village

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High Efficiency Gas Fires in Buckshaw Village

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 High Efficiency Gas Fires in Buckshaw VillageYou’ve probably thought about getting some high efficiency gas fires in Buckshaw Village. If you are looking to upgrade and you do have an old fire, you should consider bringing it to trade at Leyland Fireplace Centre. If you have any old fires lying around the house, consider taking them to the store and get a discount on a new piece.

Recently, one of our clients wanted a Buckshaw Village high efficiency gas fire. The company suggested he bring in the old one and trade it in and get a small discount. The customer was actually quite happy since he was running out of space at home and not only did he save up on his home space but he did save a few bucks too. It does not matter whether the old fire is still functioning or it has stopped working completely, the moment you walk into the store with an obsolete old fire you cannot use anymore, you will get a maximum of £50 discount on a new fire of your choice. Leyland Fireplace Centre has been providing excellent services to its clients and customers for over 40 years now and they are one of the leading manufacturers who strive to provide their best products and services to their beloved customers.

As a potential customer, you are most welcome to come check out the high efficiency gas fires in Buckshaw Village. The store prides itself on having one of the biggest showrooms in the UK. It is imperative that you come by the store on your hunt for the perfect fire. You will be graced by a warm welcome, both by the lit fires and by the friendly staff who are always ready to help you with any questions which you may have. And if you are planning to stop by, do not forget your old fire, working or defunct, to get a small discount off your bill. Call us if you have any questions regarding the trade in or our services on the 01772 457484.