High Efficiency Gas Fires in Burscough

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High Efficiency Gas Fires in Burscough

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Gas Fire Installation in Wrightington

 High Efficiency Gas Fires in BurscoughWith high efficiency gas fires in Burscough, you can save a tidy sum on your gas bills. At Leyland Fireplaces, we offer a wide range of gas fires from traditional charm or classic elegance to contemporary chic, to suit your preferences and tastes. Besides looking great, our high efficiency gas fires can save you up to 55% on gas bills and give you nearly 50% more heat as compared to your old gas fire. If you’re still using an old open-fronted gas fire that’s more than five years old, it may be functioning at just a quarter of its efficiency, with most of the heat being wasted. Customers may also feel that using a glass-fronted fire produces less heat because the glass holds back the entire heat that’s being generated. However, it’s the gases produced that give the most heat in a fire. With a glass front, the fire becomes much more efficient.

Today, with the world facing an energy crisis, homeowners find themselves paying much more for fuel. In Burscough high efficiency gas fires can help you cut your gas bills and still enjoy a comfortable interior. Energy efficient fires have a glass front that¬† prevents the heat from escaping through the flue which open fires must have. Flueless gas fires, bioethanol or electric fires are 100% efficient but the main advantage with gas is that it works out much cheaper. You can save nearly 70% in running costs by installing a high efficiency gas fire. This product doesn’t require any chimney modifications

There are lots of options available when you choose to install a high efficiency gas fire in Burscough. For more details about high efficiency gas fires, contact Leyland Fireplaces. Wall mounted fires placed at the required height are great for modern rooms which don’t have a flue or chimney. Inset types can be fitted well into an existing old fireplace but you need to get the dimensions right. Stand-alone fires are useful to place anywhere in the room, especially if you don’t want them near a wall. They can be designed to look like traditional stoves but there may be limited options.