High Efficiency Gas Fires in Ormskirk

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High Efficiency Gas Fires in Ormskirk

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High Efficiency Gas Fires in Ormskirk

High Efficiency Gas Fires in OrmskirkHigh efficiency gas fires in Ormskirk might seem like a contradiction in terms. Your first thought is that heat from a gas fireplace is going right out the chimney. That just proves you haven’t seen our available selections at Leyland Fires. Wood burning fireplaces must be vented through a chimney with a damper and fireplace doors can be left open for warmth and ambiance. Most people enjoy a wood fire but it’s not practical for every home. High efficiency gas fires do not require a chimney, just a vent out; glass doors stay closed and a quiet fan blower sends warmth into the room. Heat does not escape to the outside. The look of a well-laid log fireplace is duplicated and the gas fire creates authentic flames. The result is a beautiful fireplace that warms the room, burns clean and efficient.

The list of gas fire benefits is long and convincing. In Ormskirk, high efficiency gas fires can be installed easily and inexpensively with a traditional mantle and hearth from wood or marble. If you prefer, the clean modernist lines of a hole in the wall gas fire adds an elegant but minimalist room focus. Every style you can imagine is available and if it’s not, we can custom build what you want or modify existing. Homes that can’t have a traditional wood burning fireplace can often have a gas fire. Many prefer the gas fire because the heat can be controlled, and there is no sooty residue on floors and furniture.

High efficiency gas fires in Ormskirk are perfect for busy families. If you only have an hour or two to relax before the fire go ahead and turn your gas fire on. When duty calls, switch off the gas and walk away. If your family gathers in one room for games or movies, make it the room with the gas fire. It’s cosy and warm, and you can turn the whole house heat thermostat down in the rest of the house to ideal sleeping temperature. Contact Leyland Fireplaces to find out more about our high efficiency gas fires. Our Gas Safe crew will fit your gas fire perfectly in the space you’ve selected and guarantee a safe installation.

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