High Efficiency Gas Fires in Ormskirk

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High Efficiency Gas Fires in Ormskirk

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high efficiency gas fires in OrmskirkIt’s possible that you might not have heard about high efficiency gas fires in Ormskirk. Our part of the world is wet and chilly most of the year, so it’s unlikely you’ve visited a house without some form of indoor heating. It may have been a grand old-fashioned fireplace, or a nifty portable heater. Some furnaces are fuelled by wood, while others plug into wall sockets. But it’s probably unlikely that when you think of internal heating, gas comes to mind. Most people think gas is for cooking, not for raising house temperatures, especially with the current price of this precious commodity.

Well, as it turns out for residents in Ormskirk, high efficiency gas fires are a better heating option than more conventional methods. For one thing, gas heaters don’t emit smoke, so they’re much healthier, and they cause far fewer irritants. They also don’t need any attention. You don’t have to keep adding logs like you do on a wood furnace, and there’s no need to constantly stack and replenish your charcoal or firewood. A single gas bottle can last much longer than a pile of wood, and no trees are harmed in the process. On average, gas fires produce more heat than firewood, and they’re much easier to light. Their running costs are also considerably lower than electric equipment.

Another advantage of high efficiency gas fires in Ormskirk is they are attractive. The gas heaters are fit flush against the wall, whether they’re installed in holes or custom-built mantels. Each heater is fitted with a glass panel that enhances safety by preventing access to naked flames. The glass also prevents gas fumes from spreading to the rest of the house. They give you the benefit of beautifully haunting flames without the hassle of chopping wood, dodging sparks, or dealing with a lumber yard. It’s the perfect combination of nostalgic tradition and modern convenience. Contact Leyland Fireplaces today for more details about our high efficiency gas fires. If you’d like something more personalised, we can build a bespoke model to fit your specifications. Get in touch with us today so we can heat things up together.