High Efficiency Gas Fires in Standish

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High Efficiency Gas Fires in Standish

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High Efficiency Gas Fires in StandishLeyland Fireplaces is offering two ways you can save money on high efficiency gas fires in Standish. One way is to replace your old fireplace with a new high efficiency gas fireplace.  When you do that, Leyland Fireplaces will give you £50 trade in for your old one, regardless of the condition. When is the last time gas prices went down? It has not been in recent history. That does not mean you should give up the little pleasures like a cosy fire to come home to on chilly evenings. Leyland Fireplaces has a diverse selection of gas efficient fireplaces from traditional to modern styling. You can choose a lovely mantle that will compliment your décor or perhaps the modern “Hole in the Wall” design would best reflect your contemporary style.  All of the high-energy efficient models come with glass doors.

Purchasing Standish high efficiency gas fires from Leyland Fireplaces is the smart route. Tour their lovely showroom to get an idea of the many different choices that are available. They carry the very best brands. However, if you have an idea for a fireplace design Leyland Fireplaces will work with you to bring it to life.  They have their own shop for customizing the existing styles and creating new designs to suit you and the room that will accommodate it. Do not just think living room or family room for a fireplace. It would be nice to have one in the bedroom. Maybe even in the kitchen if it is big enough and the family likes to gather there for meals. Leyland Fireplaces also has fireplaces perfect for the garden area.

When you purchase high efficiency gas fires in Standish from Leyland Fireplaces, you will soon see the difference from other establishments.  They have been in business for forty years and have an excellent reputation. Their reputation, built on the finest customer service, quality products and experienced installers provides confidence that your fireplace installation will be showroom perfect in your own home. Call Leyland Fireplaces and find the perfect design for you and your budget and of course, you will enjoy that lower gas bill.