Keep your homes warm with these brilliant Stoves in Preston

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Keep your homes warm with these brilliant Stoves in Preston

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stoves in PrestonWe supply a huge collection of stoves in Preston to keep your homes warmer in winter. Using stoves to keep homes warm has been in practice for many centuries. By the use of modern technology and design these stoves have become more efficient and sophisticated. We at Leyland Fireplaces are proud suppliers of a huge variety of stoves and fireplaces. These stoves can either be run on gas, electricity or solid fuel. Brilliant design and efficient installation makes these stoves completely safe and smoke free. A huge collection of stoves with classic and modern look are available at Leyland Fireplaces.

Recently we installed a stove from our studio collection at one of our customer’s house in Preston. Stoves from our Studio collection are specially designed keeping in mind the needs of customers and can be tailored to meet the requirements of a particular client. Our expert team installed it brilliantly at our customer’s and gave him instruction for the proper use and care of stoves. They also briefed him about the safety concerns regarding use of stoves and gave him clear instructions to prevent any accidents. The customer also got a £50 trade in bonus for his old and faulty gas stove that was lying in his garage. The customer was really happy and thanked our team with a smile. This offer is available to you too — find out more!

We at Leyland Fireplaces are a family run business with an experience of 40 years. We have been providing quality stoves in Preston for many years and have built a strong reputation by delivering quality products and service. For a wide range of quality stoves and fireplaces you can visit our showroom at 5-9 Turpin, Green Lane Leyland. You can also call our number 01772 457484 or visit our website to know about our services and latest offers.