Inset Gas Fires in Walton le Dale

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Inset Gas Fires in Walton le Dale

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Inset Gas Fires in Walton le DaleDo you love cosy inset gas fires in Walton le Dale? Then treat yourself to an afternoon strolling the showroom of Leyland Fireplaces. One belongs in your home. It may be the mantle and hearth free modern design set into a wall. On the other hand, it could look like the one from grandma’s old house. There is all that and everything between. You do not have to have a chimney to have a fireplace. Balanced flue models work with closed glass door models. Balanced flue models vent horizontally through an outside wall or vertically through the roof using a twin-walled pipe.  Both chimney and balanced flue will work with propane gas for those not hooked up to a natural gas line.

In Walton le Dale, inset gas fires have benefits over traditional wood burners. One benefit of gas fireplaces is there is no dirty wood logs to buy and carry in. Another benefit is it does not take an hour to get a fire going. Our customers love gas fires because they are clean and economical. Before work in the morning, treat yourself by bringing your coffee to a comfy chair by the fireplace. Flip the remote and your fire springs to life. It is a soothing way to start or end your day. It takes no time so you can take advantage of those moments you do have to relax and feel pampered.

Inset gas fires in Walton le Dale save energy and operate safely. Often traditional wood burning fireplaces sit unused because nobody has time to bother with them. If you start a fire and it is still burning at bedtime, you open the flue, close the doors and go to bed. You can only hope the house does not burn down while you are sleeping. With a gas fire, just flip the remote and turn it off. While strolling our showroom, ask questions of our friendly staff. They will tell you that we can customise any gas fireplace you want to fit your space. Our installers are all Gas Safe registered engineers qualified to work with gas fireplaces. For more about inset gas fires, contact Leyland Fireplaces.