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Modern Fireplaces in Burscough

Posted on August 10,2017 by 2mags

Modern Fireplaces in BurscoughThe best thing about modern fireplaces in Burscough is you can enjoy them any time you want that cosy ambiance a fire adds. There doesn’t have to be any special event and you don’t have to lay a fire, wait for it to catch and then wait for it to die out so you can finally go to bed. If you only have an hour to relax, flip on the fire, grab a book and put your feet up. If there’s no chill in the air don’t turn the fan on. It’s still nice to enjoy morning coffee or tea by the fire while you wake up. Then again, if you’re planning a party or even a romantic evening for two, your modern fireplace will conspire with the candlelight in the room to make magic. The room won’t get overheated, those with upper respiratory difficulties will not suffer from wood smoke and there’s nothing to clean up.

Leyland Fireplaces is the place to ask your questions about modern fireplaces. In Burscough, modern fireplaces are gaining in popularity as more people choose them for safety, cleanliness and less time fiddling around to have a fire. If space for the installation of a traditional fireplace is limited or non-existent in your home, choose an electric fire. It’s ventless and you can put it most anywhere. We have a beautiful selection of mantles and surrounds to suit any decor. You will want to build your whole room around them so your electric fire will be the room’s focal point. For the modern and minimalist home decor consider our Hole in the Wall electric fires. You will find true contemporary designs that add simple elegance to any room.

We have the modern fireplaces in Burscough that you want. Come visit our showroom or contact Leyland Fireplaces. Allow time because there is so much to see. We have been in business over forty years and our business is still family owned. Each customer is special to us so we often customise a fireplace to suit. We could do a whole new design or modify an existing. For fitting your new fire in your home, you will have the finest fitters in the business. The job will be done right, guaranteed, and you will have a modern fireplace to enjoy for many years.