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Get a Multi Fuel Stove in Southport

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multi fuelThere is a long history of multi fuel stoves in Southport. For years residents have chosen the flexibility of a heat source that was able to burn many different fuels, keeping them warm during shortages. Leyland Fireplaces is proud to carry on this tradition today. Many of our customers purchase this type of stove as a back up to the primary heat in their home, preparing for untimely pour outages, trouble with gas lines, or boiler malfunctions. The versatility of a multi fuel stove is just the thing needed to keep your house warm in an emergency situation.

A modern multi fuel stove has many advantages over a traditional wood burning stove. Rather than being locked into one source of fuel to heat your home, these stoves allow you to burn, wood, wood pellets, peat, coal, and many other fuels. And don’t think that because this type of stove has been around for ages that they all look old fashioned. Leyland Fireplaces stocks both classic and modern styles. For residents of Southport, multi fuel stoves can be both functional and stylish.

We frequently hear from customers concerned with the efficiency of their stoves. We are happy to reassure them that they will be getting great results from a modern efficient multi fuel stove. With efficiencies up to 89% our stoves are engineered to be sure you get the most heating possible out of the money or time spent on fuel. We also commonly hear concerns about the maintenance required with a new stove. Thankfully, aside from an annual chimney sweeping and a good cleaning, there is very little you will need to do to keep you stove in tip top shape. If you are in the market for a multi fuel stove in Southport, please call us today at 01772 457484, or visit our website for more information.