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Multifuel Stoves in Euxton

Posted on April 15,2017 by 2mags

Multifuel Stoves in EuxtonLeyland Fireplaces stocks multifuel stoves in Euxton for those fortunate enough to live near a reliable source of fuel. Those fuels could be wood, coal, pellets, peat, corn and others. The stoves are great for regular additional heat in your own home or for occasional use in a shop, garage or vacation cottage. When you buy your multifuel stove educate yourself regarding the fuel sources that are safe for your particular stove. The owners of these stoves can be flexible and use the most plentiful and cost efficient product as fuel that is currently available. Multifuel stoves are especially efficient between seasons when you just need to warm up an area but not crank up the boiler and heat the whole house. Our multifuel  stoves have a thermostat so you can control the heat and they have large hoppers for a long controlled burn. Use it in your 3 season room for chilly days.

Leyland Fireplaces has been established in the North West area for over 40 years. We carry a broad range of fireplaces and stoves in Euxton, multifuel stoves among them. We have an extraordinary showroom with fully functioning fireplaces and stoves that use gas, electric, propane, wood and biomass fuels.  Of course we have attractive designs and sizes from which to choose. These stoves provide a warm focal point for any room in your home. We like the idea of a multifuel stove in the kitchen if that’s where the family gathers in the evening. It’s cosy when all are gathered around the dinner table and later during clean up while the kids do their homework.  

Our installers at Leyland Fireplaces can help you choose the best location in your home for multifuel stoves in Euxton.  They are all Gas Safe and HETAS certified professionals with experience in the installation of all stoves and fireplaces. You will find them friendly and considerate of your time and your home. Contact Leyland Fireplaces or come by our showroom and see a demonstration of one of our multifuel stoves. Our well informed  staff can answer all your questions about fuel types, ideal locations in the home, costs to operate and more. A multifuel stove may be the most versatile and economical item you ever purchase.