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Modern Fireplaces in Standish

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Modern Fireplaces in StandishGet the best modern fireplaces in Standish from Leyland Fireplaces. As specialists in this field for more than forty years, we are a reputed, well-established family-owned business. We pride ourselves on our friendly, personalised service because we’re an essential part of the local community. This means we are able completely understand local requirements, pricing and budget factors and the prevailing trends. Hence, we are able to offer just the right kind of selection from leading national and international brands in our extensive showroom. Our customers can find exactly what they want here, with the right kind of assistance and advice from our qualified, trained and experienced staff. Apart from stocking the leading brands, we also manufacture some of our own customised designs. This means our customers have the advantage of getting a unique, bespoke design that they won’t find anywhere else.

For home owners in Standish, modern fireplaces are a great option. While modern, fireplaces have been around since the 19th century and can serve both cooking and heating purposes. Multi fuel stoves are an excellent choice as a modern fireplace. They are capable of burning a variety of fuels like peat, wood, coal, or wood-pellets.  This makes it the ideal choice for burning different types of fuel based on what is easily and cheaply available locally. Users can start with one particular type of fuel and change to another type very easily whenever they wish. This is really convenient when you have to move house to a different area. Local council regulations may also specify the type of fuel that can be burnt, hence a multifuel stove is the best option. If you live in a smokeless zone, a multifuel stove is a good choice to comply with local regulations.

The spiraling cost of oil has made many people opt for modern fireplaces in Standish. Our range of attractive designs will certainly add a touch of elegance to your interiors. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary styles, they are available at our showroom. Contact Leyland Fireplaces today for more information about our modern fireplaces.  Our trained, qualified and experienced team ensure that the stoves are fitted perfectly and in compliance with building rules, Hetas Approved and Gas Safe regulations.