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Multifuel Stoves in Chorley

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Multifuel Stoves in Chorley

Multifuel Stoves in ChorleyIn a bid to control the carbon emissions in the environment, more people are shutting down their traditional wood-burning stoves and installing multifuel stoves in Chorley to heat their homes in winter. Multifuel stoves are more fuel efficient than conventional wood-burning stoves, generating more heat from less fuel. By burning fuel more efficiently, the multifuel stoves save you energy, time and money. They also emit less smoke making them safer for your health and environment. Typical wood burning stoves generate more heat by allowing the wood logs to lie on the ash bed at the bottom of the stove. Multifuel stoves, on the other hand, have grates that separate the fuel from the ash. This separation allows for better combustion of all fuels other than wood.

While multifuel stoves have been in use in the UK since the 19th century, they have gained popularity in recent years because of their versatility. In Chorley, multifuel stoves users are not affected by the occasional shortage in wood supply because they have a wide range of alternatives such as smokeless coal, peat, anthracite, nuts and wood pellets to choose from. It is, however, advisable to stick to wood burning stoves if you have a reliable supply of wood logs. This is because wood logs are better suited to wood burning stoves than multifuel ones. You are advised to only use smokeless coal and not standard coal in a multifuel stove because it emits thick smoke that is hazardous for your health.

Our company has been designing, manufacturing and installing wood burning and multifuel stoves in Chorley and all over the UK for more than 30 years. Our attention to detail has enabled us to design some of the most unique stoves in the country. Our stoves stand as a functional centrepiece in your home where aesthetic design and robust engineering come together. Contact Leyland Fireplace Centre today to get a clearer picture of what we can do for you. Our team of highly skilled professionals is always on hand to help you find the product that is best suited for your home.

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