Oak Fire Surrounds in Preston

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Oak Fire Surrounds in Preston

Posted on April 09,2015 by 2mags

Oak Fire Surrounds in PrestonYou were tempted to light a fire the other night but it was in a bad way, so you realised you were in the market for new oak fire surrounds in Preston. It comes to this when after a cold winter the fireplace has taken a battering and the dust has become too much to bear. The once pristine fireplace has lost its character. That old cast iron surround is a dust magnet and really doesn’t suit the style of your living room anymore. Where it was once a place family and friends could sit together in comfort it now remains a place people throw the occasional scrap piece of paper into.

In Preston, oak fire surrounds are an ideal way to inject new life into your fireplace. Once upon a time cave men used fire pits dug out from holes in caves to keep themselves warm. These fires lacked proper ventilation but were the best people could do at the time. They would have to huddle together to keep warm. You don’t need to do this thankfully. Modern fire surrounds have come a long way from caveman times. Surrounds are now available in marble, wood and stone and can be tailored to suit the style of your fireplace and living room, adding a touch of class to a nice fire.

Oak fire surrounds in Preston are available as custom pieces from Leyland Fireplace Centre. Why are Leyland Fireplace Centre on of the best in the business? Unique to the market they have a hand in the manufacturing process so individual pieces can be tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. A lot of the designs are made in house by the cabinet maker with any timber to any size. All old fireplaces regardless of condition can be traded in for £50.So if you love your fireplace and want the best for it get in touch with Leyland Fireplace Centre either by phone, email or by visiting the showroom.