Oak Fire Surrounds in Walton le Dale

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Oak Fire Surrounds in Walton le Dale

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Oak Fire Surrounds in Walton le DaleOak fire surrounds in Walton le Dale look timeless and elevate your fireplace to be a key feature of the room.A surround finishes off the fireplace.  It makes a statement in a room, and brings a touch of elegance and luxury.  Surrounds are available in a variety of materials and you can choose one that matches the character of your room.  Marble will give your fireplace a classic and luxurious look.  There are many different shades of marble, all with beautiful intricacies and veining.  Stone is a popular choice and is a contemporary look.  There are many different types of stones that can be used.  Another option is to use wood.  Oak is durable and complements a classically styled environment.  Hardwoods such as cherry and mahogany are rich and finely grained, and other choices include ash, maple and birch.

If you want to exalt your fireplace in Walton le Dale, oak fire surrounds are a popular choice.  Leyland Fireplaces will custom make a surround to your specifications using the material of your choice.  You can choose a number of types of wood, oak being one of them.  If you would prefer stone, they will help you choose the perfect material for your home. Their craftsman will manufacture your surround to the highest of standards.  It will be installed in your home professionally and it will be an asset.  Their showroom has a range of makes and models of fireplaces and stoves.  You can choose your new fireplace and design a bespoke surround in your material of choice.

Leyland Fireplaces has a sterling reputation for oak fire surrounds in Walton le Dale.  This is not limited to their oak surrounds, however. All of the products and services provided by Leyland Fireplaces are exemplary.  Contact Leyland Fireplaces for more information about oak fire surrounds.   The consultants are friendly and knowledgeable and will answer any of your questions.  They will help you choose the perfect fireplace for your home.  Once you have chosen the model and make that you want, the installation team at Leyland Fireplaces can do the rest.