Premier Gas Fires in Darwen

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Premier Gas Fires in Darwen

Posted on November 20,2015 by 2mags

Gas fires in DarwenGas fires in Darwen are available at Leyland Fireplaces, the UK’s premier retailer of fireplaces and fireplace accessories. The idea of a crackling fire heating up the home at the end of a cold winter’s day appeals to most of us. The cleaning up of the fireplace and the ashes does not. For some, the disadvantages of sourcing the wood, chopping it up and the cleaning up after far outweigh the advantages of a fireplace. Gas fires are an excellent idea for those who would like all the advantages of a fireplace, with none of the disadvantages.

In Darwen, gas fires are available in many different styles and sizes at Leyland Fireplaces. You could visit their showroom to get an idea of what sort of gas fire you would prefer. The range on offer is extensive with inset living flame gas fires to the high efficiency gas range but two of the top quality available products. Space saving gas fires, known as ‘hole in the wall’ gas fires are also available from Leyland Fireplace’s large selection. These are ideal for those who do not have sufficient space for a free standing fireplace.

Gas Fires in Darwen are efficient, lighting the realist wood burning flames with a flick of a switch. The high efficiency range is a great investment particular concerning the rising cost of gas. These models are glass fronted. They allow your home to be heated effectively and generate even greater amounts of heat instantly. A gas fire also provides a welcoming feature in the room, ideal for relaxing on a cold winter’s night, or entertaining guests over for dinner. Leyland Fireplaces offer good old fashioned service that is professional, and of a high standard. Their installers are HETAS and Gas Safe Registered, guaranteeing a correctly installed gas fireplace to the highest of standards. They also have a hand in the manufacture of the fireplaces they sell. This gives them a competitive edge over other suppliers. If you are interested in gas fires, and would like to know more, contact Leyland Fireplaces.