Save Money with High Efficiency Gas Fires in Preston!

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Save Money with High Efficiency Gas Fires in Preston!

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Save money with High Efficiency Gas Fires in Preston!More and more homeowners are becoming interested in high efficiency gas fires in Preston as gas and fuel expenses continue to rise. Your monthly heating costs during the winter season are reduced, when you simply replace your existing fire place with a high efficiency gas fireplace. As attractive as a high efficiency gas fire sounds, many homeowners still hesitate to install one because it is a relatively new type of fireplace on the market.

In Preston, high efficiency gas fires would have a significant impact on the home. According to the expert staff at Leyland Fireplaces, high efficiency gas fires enables homes to heat up effectively and also generates larger amounts of heat in an instant. This means you don’t have to rely on central heating, especially when you want to heat up just one room very quickly. Due to the technological advancement of a high efficiency gas fire, it has the capability of suiting most dwellings. The design of these efficient gas fires has not been compromised either. They also produce real fuel effects with real flames, creating the illusion one was sitting in front of a wood-burning fireplace. Apart from choosing the external aesthetics of a high efficiency gas stove, homeowners also have the option of choosing from various fuel effects such as white stones, coloured glass-beads, realistic coals, or rustic wood logs. A high efficiency gas fireplace is a welcome addition to any living space because of its ability to generate instant warmth. It creates an inviting atmosphere especially after a hard day’s work, when you feel like some solitary relaxation. A high efficiency gas fireplace can also serve as a creative focal point in your living area.

If you are considering installing high efficiency gas fires in Preston, then contact Leyland Fireplaces today. At present, they are offering a £50 trade-in incentive for your old fireplace, irrespective of its condition! Leyland Fireplaces can be reached at 01772 457484.