Stone Fireplaces in Standish

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Stone Fireplaces in Standish

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Stone Fireplaces in Parbold

Stone Fireplaces in StandishThere is nothing more charming than a stone fireplace in Leyland as they are the centre piece of any home. We can design and create a fireplace to suit your home’s unique character. Limestone is one of the beautiful stones we use as it has various natural imperfections which enhance the look. There are often veins and fossils in the stone which make each one a unique work of art. They come in a number of different styles and designs from traditional to contemporary and will be the focus of the room. A fireplace can be placed around a gas fire if you are in an area which does not allow wood burning fires to be used. It can be very difficult to tell the two apart as they appear exactly the same except for the lack of ash and ease of maintenance of a gas fire.

Winter is the time when you most need a warm and comforting fire in your home. In Standish, stone fireplaces are made from a number of quality materials including limestone, marble, granite and slate. Marble is a softer stone and lends itself to carving of sometimes very intricate patterns. The stone has flecks and veins of colour which add to the white translucent beauty of the stone. A marble fireplace is a symbol of elegance and taste and can be manufactured in a traditional ornate manner or left in a more natural slab like modern design. Granite is a wonderful material as it is harder than limestone or marble and comes in a wide range of colours. Slate is used where a contrast of light and dark is wanted.

We manufacture some of the most beautiful stone fireplaces in Standish. Contact Leyland Fireplaces today or visit our stunning double story showroom to see the huge choice of quality fireplaces on display. We manufacture wooden fireplaces to suit any of our many heating sources which include gas and electric fires.  We also supply stoves which can be solid fuel burning, gas or electric. We have a large range of accessories which are on display at our showroom.