Stop the Shiver with Gas Fires in Fulwood

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Stop the Shiver with Gas Fires in Fulwood

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Gas Fires in FulwoodGas fires in Fulwood, Lancashire are popular choices to make for home and heating improvements. People know that in the wintry months, snow is always predicted with cold fronts bringing showers and gale force winds. Leyland Fireplace Centre is a family business with more than 40 years of experience in the fireplace industry. They have a showroom where you can get an idea of the fantastic fireplaces available which come from top manufacturers. You’ll find a wide selection of bespoke studio fires which are completely unique to the Leyland Fireplace Centre. There is no need to despair if you don’t have a chimney, because they have power/balanced flue versions.

In Fulwood, gas fires are manufactured by Leyland Fireplaces . The benefit of this is that the fireplaces can be adapted and tailored in size and material to your precise needs. Plenty of research has been invested in these fireplaces. Fulwood gas fires always offer longevity. The reason for this is that each one is tested and surveyed before installation. This is just a standard formality from a professional team offering professional services. Leyland Fireplaces have highly trained craftsmen who are gas-safe registered and Hetas approved for solid fuel as well. Gas fires are a popular choice simply because they offer affordable heating while also offering a warm, welcoming and comfy ambiance to your home.

Gas fires in Fulwood are an excellent choice.  Leyland Fireplaces is all about giving customer options and they also offer their full line electric fireplaces. Apart from many choices, they offer lots of savings and will give you a £50 trade in for your old fire regardless of what condition it is in. Why not take advantage of this excellent offer and spend some of the savings you make on the fabulous accessories that are available.  Should you require a quote or more information about gas fires, contact Leyland Fireplaces for unbeatable service.