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Nothing creates a more inviting atmosphere like a Gas, Electric, Woodburning or Multifuel Stove which adds character to any room that they are installed in.

You may decide on a Traditional Brick Fireplace set up setup or an Ultra modern theme but which ever you choose you will not be disappointed. We can offer the whole package from start to finish including Lining your chimney, Knocking out your Fireplaces or Re-Bricking a New Brick Chamber.

    Contemporary Free Standing

    If you want complement your interior with a statement architectural piece to match your interior then look no further for a Freestanding stove. We only have a couple of brands which we feel are the best around to compliment any room with the perfect focal point. All of our Freestanding stoves have great distances to combustibles so we can fit them close to a plastered walls with no need for horrible fireboard wall protection. If you have a Conservatory which you cant use through the winter months then one of our free standing stoves would be perfect, we can cut the plastic room and use our high quality Twin Wall flue system. These stoves can literally be fitted anywhere in the home with Twin wall flue and we can give you the best advise around so please call the shop for details.

    Freestanding stoves – means a wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove with legs or a pedestal. We have a huge range of ¬†Free-standing stoves with optional log stores, low legs, high legs and pedestal. We also have stoves available in different colours and an enamel finish. If you can’t find what your looking for please contact us today.


    Leyland Fireplaces supplies a wide range of Electric stoves ranging from Buget MDF Stoves to Quality Cast Iron Electric Stoves.

    Leyland Fireplaces outstanding collection of electric stoves exude authenticity and elegance. Made from the finest cast iron construction, you can enjoy your stove’s highly realistic log-effect in a variety of rooms- without the need of a chimney!

    Electric stoves provide the opportunity to install an exceptionally realistic log-effect stove, or coal-effect stove, without the need for a chimney or flue system. Therefore electric stoves can be plugged into a smaller space, making electric stoves ideal for rooms with limited hearth space, or smaller rooms in need of a secondary heat source.

    Electric stoves provide an authentic traditional flame-effect for your home, without the need for maintenance. For more information, or expert advice on any of our electric stoves contact Leyland Fireplace Centre today.


    Leyland Fireplaces supply a wide range of Gas Stoves, Balanced Flued Gas Stoves, Traditional Gas Stoves and Contemporary Stoves.

    Gas stoves are designed to look like wood burning stoves, providing a warm glow and hearty roar which is instinctively pleasing. It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between modern gas stoves and traditional wood burning stoves, as modern materials enable very similar aesthetic properties in order to simulate wood burning. Like wood, gas is an inexpensive and highly efficient way of heating your home, but there are several of other advantages of a gas burning stove.


    One of the difficulties of wood burning stoves is that they have to be constantly refilled with logs and wood. It is also very difficult to maintain a constant temperature as the amount of wood within the system is always fluctuating. Alternatively gas burning stoves are plugged into the mains gas system and can be controlled simply by adjusting the level using a dial or in some cases a remote control.


    Leyland Fireplaces offer fireplace insert that can match both the interior and architecture of your home. Each fireplace insert is designed with a large glass front to provide a maximum view of the fire within, allowing you to create a stunning fireplace without compromising energy efficiency.

    Stove inserts with angled doors give you the freedom to create a unique fireplace and we offer a range of different sized fireplace inserts to suit various openings and Fireplaces.

    If you have a standard builders opening then our Inset Stoves are designed to be built into a chimney breast leaving only the front visible. They can be sat on the hearth or placed further up the wall. So with the Inset Stoves not only does this give a sense of simplicity to your room but they are also a popular choice where space is limited.