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Electric stoves

Leyland Fireplaces supplies a wide range of Electric stoves ranging from Buget MDF Stoves to Quality Cast Iron Electric Stoves.

Leyland Fireplaces outstanding collection of electric stoves exude authenticity and elegance. Made from the finest cast iron construction, you can enjoy your stove’s highly realistic log-effect in a variety of rooms- without the need of a chimney!

Electric stoves provide the opportunity to install an exceptionally realistic log-effect stove, or coal-effect stove, without the need for a chimney or flue system. Therefore electric stoves can be plugged into a smaller space, making electric stoves ideal for rooms with limited hearth space, or smaller rooms in need of a secondary heat source.

Electric stoves provide an authentic traditional flame-effect for your home, without the need for maintenance. For more information, or expert advice on any of our electric stoves contact Leyland Fireplace Centre today.