Gas stoves

Leyland Fireplaces supply a wide range of Gas Stoves, Balanced Flued Gas Stoves, Traditional Gas Stoves and Contemporary Stoves.

Gas stoves are designed to look like wood burning stoves, providing a warm glow and hearty roar which is instinctively pleasing. It is extremely difficult to tell the difference between modern gas stoves and traditional wood burning stoves, as modern materials enable very similar aesthetic properties in order to simulate wood burning. Like wood, gas is an inexpensive and highly efficient way of heating your home, but there are several of other advantages of a gas burning stove.


One of the difficulties of wood burning stoves is that they have to be constantly refilled with logs and wood. It is also very difficult to maintain a constant temperature as the amount of wood within the system is always fluctuating. Alternatively gas burning stoves are plugged into the mains gas system and can be controlled simply by adjusting the level using a dial or in some cases a remote control.