Types of Wood Burning Stove in Preston

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Types of Wood Burning Stove in Preston

Posted on April 09,2014 by 2mags

Wood Burning Stove in PrestonWith the world’s dwindling levels of natural gas and the high cost of electric power, many people are now finding a new awareness of the benefits of having a wood burning stove Preston. This method of providing heating is definitely making a comeback, and is becoming an increasingly common fixture of many households. Not only is a wood burning stove often a cheaper option for providing heating in your home, it also lends a beautiful, rustic ambience to any living space. To find out if a wood burning stove is a viable choice for your heating needs, you must first understand the two main types of wood burning stoves.

In Preston, wood burning stoves are abundant at Leyland Fireplace Centre: you are spoilt for choice! One type is the old style pot bellied variety. Such a stove usually has a chimney to allow the smoke to dissipate, so installation requires a fair amount of home renovation to be carried out. This wood burning stove is better suited to larger houses which have a lot of open space around them. This kind of stove requires considerable expertise to install as well, to avoid major fluctuations in the heat radiated by the fire into the room. There are also wood burning stoves that use wood pellets instead of firewood. This type of stove can be installed in smaller houses and even apartments. The wood pellets are deposited into the stove and heated electronically. Little external ventilation is necessary, due to the extremely high efficiency of wood pellet stoves.

Whichever type and design of the wood burning stove in Preston that you choose depends on many factors. Regardless of the selection you make, ensure that it is professionally installed and regularly inspected by the experts at Leyland Fireplaces. Leyland has trained professionals who install your stove safely and expertly. Leyland Fireplaces also offer a £50 trade in on your old gas fire, regardless of its working condition. Take advantage of this offer now!