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Wood Burners in Eccleston

Posted on November 20,2016 by 2mags

wood burners in EcclestonPerhaps you’re concerned about the looming shortage of gas and electricity, or you simply love the warmth and glow of a natural fire – whatever your reason for buying wood burners in Eccleston, ensure that you buy them from reputed and reliable companies like Leyland Fireplaces. Today, thanks to technology, modern wood burners are more efficient and clean as compared to the messy, smoky, polluting products that were available in earlier times. This is especially important if you live in a smoke-free zone. You need to check with the local authorities whether the model of burner you plan to buy is appropriate and compliant with their current regulations. Another aspect of purchasing a wood burner is whether you have convenient and regular access to fuel. It’s no fun trudging for miles through wintry landscapes, scavenging for dry twigs and logs.

However, there’s much to be said for these charming appliances that hark back almost to the beginnings of human history. In Eccleston, wood burners today are a far cry from their ancient counterparts, but they still give you that cosy, warm feeling of home! Wood burners are also extremely versatile. They can be used for heating, cooking, providing hot water on tap 24×7 and they’re also a great place for family bonding. Many people use their wood burners as a backup heating option and helps to reduce your energy bills. However, wood burners need regular and thorough cleaning once the fire dies and cools down. The ash has to be swept and cleaned, while chimneys need regular scraping and sweeping to avoid creosote build-up.

Apart from logs, you can also use wood chips, brush-clippings, lumber-yard waste, dry grass, hay, and biomass pellets for wood burners in Eccleston. The costs are much lower than natural gas, oil or coal. You can purchase wood biomass locally and it’s usually widely available. Ensure that you purchase only completely dry wood. For more information about our range of wood burners, contact Leyland Fireplaces. Today, commercial wood grown especially for fuel is a renewable and sustainable source of heat and energy. Catalytic wood burners are more efficient and clean. Visit our showroom to have a look at our available wood burners.