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Wood Burners in Preston

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Wood Burners in PrestonThere are many advantages that come with wood burners in Preston. Whether you inherited your stove, or you just bought it, or are planning to buy one, you will surely be happy with the benefits of wood burners like the ones available from Leyland Fireplace Centre.Of course, the quality of your stove will depend on its special features. Wood burners are made to be easy-to-use and clean, but there are some things you should do to ensure efficient working and a long lifespan.

In Preston, wood burners need a little TLC to stay in tip-top condition. Maintain your stove by making sure that the chimney is clean before and after the winter season. The soot and tartar that build-up when the stove is regularly used can cause damage to the chimney. This is the standard that should be followed by anyone who uses a wood burner stove. Another way of maintaining the quality of your stove is to use wood that is completely dried, all the time. Freshly cut wood can be cheap, but it should never be used immediately. Store the wood in a place that has direct access to the sun so that it can dry up. Wet logs will leave more soot in the chimney. So, using dried logs is the way to go if you want to cut down the maintenance of your stove.

Leyland Fireplaces Centre is one of the leading suppliers of wood burners in Preston. The company has more than forty years experience in the fireplace industry. They supply leading brands in fireplaces and have their own bespoke designs that can be viewed at their showrooms. The company is Gas Safe Registered and Hetas Approved to maintain the highest  standards. If you are looking for a stove or fireplace that has never been seen anywhere before, Leyland Fireplaces can help you with that. They can work with you to create a fireplace you’ve always dreamt of. For more information about wood burners contact Leyland Fireplace Centre on 01772 457448.