Wood Burning Stoves Chorley Customers Will Enjoy

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Wood Burning Stoves Chorley Customers Will Enjoy

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wood fireLeyland Fireplace Centre recently explored the differences between wood burning stoves Chorley customers may already know and solid fuel stoves now on the market. A wood burning stove burns wood fuel or wood pellets. These stoves provide a closed chamber dedicated for the fire and a grate. Nearly all of the new models have an adjustable air control. It is important to know that these stoves will require a ventilation system. Although coal provides greater heat, wood burning will not result in the toxic smoke associated coal. It has become a common choice for managing heating costs. We were recently approached about the steps required to change a wood burning stove to a multi fuel stove.

Multi-fuel or solid fuel stoves look almost exactly like a wood burning stove. Peat burning stoves have been around since early Rome. Other fuels like white gas or kerosene can also be burned. These liquids are lightweight and create very little smoke. Multi-fuel stoves must have a grate for holding the burning fuel. It will also require a removable ash pan. Wood burning stoves work best when the wood sits in a bed of ashes to burn. This enhances the combustion process providing more efficient heat. With multi fuel fireplaces, a grate is required to allow more circulation in addition to adding control for the burning fuel. Without a grate, peat and coal cannot be burned. In Chorley a wood burning stove was easily converted into a multi-fuel stove with the simple addition of a grate and an ash tray. When converting your stove, you will want a grate and ash pan slightly smaller than the opening so it can be quickly and easily removed.

The UK is familiar with wood burning stoves. They have been a regular part of our homes since recorded history first began. Multi fuel stoves are becoming more popular as a contemporary tactic for managing fuel costs. These versatile stoves can provide a feeling of luxury and warmth while helping save money on expensive heating costs. With the simple addition of a flue connecting to an existing chimney, it has become easier to install these effective heating devices in any room in the house. The simple truth is with wood burning stoves Chorley customers can save money over heating with more expensive fuels. Electricity and gas are expensive. It takes a lot of money to get these raw fuels processed and delivered to your home or office. If you would like to see the difference between a multi fuel stove and a simple wood burning stove, please contact our professionals at Leyland Fireplace Centre in Chorley.