Wood Burning Stoves in Clayton le Woods

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Wood Burning Stoves in Clayton le Woods

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Wood Burning Stoves in Clayton le WoodsThere is a feeling of self-sufficiency that comes with owning wood burning stoves in Clayton le Woods. At Leyland Fireplaces we have been privileged over the last forty years to help many homeowners discover the joy of wood fires. Fine quality cast iron wood-burning stoves are the only kind you will find at Leyland Fireplaces. We deal with manufactures whose commitment to provide exceptional quality at a fair price is proven. Our company has been around long enough to know which fall into that category and which do not. Today there are many styles from which to choose. You do not need a rustic setting to enjoy a wood burner. The ornate has always been popular but there are stoves that will blend nicely with any decor.

Our showroom displays at Leyland Fireplaces will offer many helpful ideas. For your home in Clayton le Woods, wood-burning stoves can be installed into an existing fireplace surround or we can install one. We do a considerable amount of our own manufacturing at Leyland Fireplaces. However, wood-burning stoves do not require a surround. Consider the size of the area you want to heat. The larger the stove the longer your fire will last. There are some big differences between granny’s old wood-burning stove and those Leyland Fireplaces sell today. Modern wood-burning stoves burn cleaner and meet environmental standards. They have a large glass window allowing a view of the fire which adds ambiance. You will also like the electronic igniter, multi-speed blower and easy to clean ash bin.

We use our own installers for wood burning stoves in Clayton le Woods. You will find they follow the same high standards for customer service set for our whole company. All of them are Gas Safe registered and HETAS approved. Our installers are skilled and experienced to manage any installation situation. Contact Leyland Fireplaces if you are looking for wood burning stoves. Come by our showroom and have a look around. Invite our installers to survey your home for the best location for your wood burning stove. Most anyone on our staff can answer questions you have. That is another unique attribute of Leyland Fireplaces. Our staff is knowledgeable about the products and manufacturers we make available to you.