Wood Burning Stoves in Horwich

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Wood Burning Stoves in Horwich

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Wood Burning Stoves in HorwichIf you have any old and broken wood burning stoves in Horwich, you will be happy to know that you can enjoy a trade-in at Leyland Fireplaces.The condition of your wood burning stove or any other types of stove is not important. Whether it’s broken, irreparable or terribly old, the staff members at Leyland Fireplaces would be happy to take these old and obsolete pieces off your hands. In fact, as soon as your old one breaks, take it to Leyland Fireplaces and you can enjoy a discount of up to £50 on your new purchase.

In Horwich, wood burning stoves are available from a company that does the trade-ins of old stoves. Leyland Fireplaces has been in the field with over 40 years of experience and they have a collection of the latest wood burning stoves from the leading manufactures in the world. Recently, a client brought a wood burning stove which he thought could be repaired but it turned out that the stove had served its purpose and reached the end of its lifespan. Since the client had to find a new wood burning stove for his glasshouse, he was advised by the members of Leyland Fireplaces to leave the stove at the showroom and instead purchase a new one, which entitled him to enjoy a discount of £50. That was indeed a wonderful deal! Instead of throwing away your old defunct stoves, why don’t you bring them to Leyland Fireplaces and make good use of the discount offered on your new purchase.

To enjoy a stellar discount when you buy new wood burning stoves in Horwich, bring in your old ones regardless of the condition that they are in. If you want to find more about the trade-ins, you can call the Leyland Fireplaces on 01772 457484.Or, you can also visit their showroom, you can be sure you will be warmly welcomed, both by the staff members and the well-lit fireplaces.