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Wood Burning Stoves in Parbold

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Wood Burning Stoves in Parbold

Wood Burning Stoves in ParboldDon’t you love the smell in the air from wood burning stoves in Parbold? A clear cold night with lots of stars and the scent of wood smoke brings on a feeling of nostalgia for many. It might remind you of grandma’s house, a vacation cabin or gathering around the campfire as a kid. It’s a good feeling with memories of happy times. If that wood smoke is coming from your neighbour’s house you might want to have a chat with him and compare his cost of home heating with yours. It’s likely he is paying less for a warm cosy home compared to your heating bills; plus he’s getting all that firelight ambiance. If your interest is piqued, follow up with us at Leyland Fireplace Centre. Our staff can answer all your questions and clearly explain the benefits of wood burning stoves and the differences among the models.

Your lifestyle and home design will dictate the right wood burning stove for your use. In Parbold, wood burning stoves must be vented to the outside. That and the size of your space will further narrow your choice of stoves. You will see the size of our stoves range from quite small such as a narrow cylinder shape requiring very little space to our large wood burners capable of heating large spaces. Your wood stove can heat your main family gathering space so everyone is warm and comfortable for less than your whole house heating system. You can save even more money by keeping the temperature in the unused rooms or bedrooms down while your family stays warm with the wood burner.

We’ve been selling strong cast iron British built wood burning stoves in Parbold for over thirty years. The brands we stock are those proven safe, reliable and durable. Contact Leyland Fireplace Centre and our fitters will come to your home and help you select the right installation site in your home for your wood burner. The installation will be professional with a safety first focus. Choose from many styles to compliment your decor. Just think, while you’re relaxing in front of your wood fire at night, you may be bringing a smile and a bit of nostalgia via wood smoke to the guy out in the cold walking his dog.

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